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CF Foundation Cares Granparents' Brunch

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CF Foundation Cares is a casual gathering created to help individuals caring for people with cystic fibrosis find support within other members of the community. It is intended for conversation, building relationships, and encouraging families, friends, and caregivers along their CF journeys.

This particular event will be for CF grandparents!

This event is not a support group but is supportive. CF Foundation Cares is not a fundraising event and there is no cost to attend.

The goal of CF Foundation Cares is to celebrate, support, and encourage those caring for people living with CF while also helping build a greater sense of community. We aim to provide a relaxed environment that enables people to connect, share stories and talk about what works for them and ask questions of others.

Wednesday, November 13th we will gather at Another Broken Egg Cafe in Dunwoody to share conversation in a casual, comfortable environment to discuss loving someone with cystic fibrosis.

Our event will also feature a special presentation, "Caring for a grandchild with CF…tips for caring for them, your family, and yourself" by Brandi Middour-Oxler, Cystic Fibrosis Transition Program Coordinator & Nurse Practitioner.

This event is intended for CF grandparents - whether related or by spirit. For questions, please reach out to Linda at
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Linda Murphy
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